RESPECT, PRIVACY & SAFETY: To be treated with Respect, Privacy, Dignity and in a safe environment

RESPECT OF VALUES & BELIEF: To be treated with respect & regard to individuality, personal values, beliefs, spiritual and cultural traditions

SAFETY: To be free from all forms of physical injury, abuse, and neglect.

CONFIDENTIALITY: To expect confidentiality of all records and communications to the extent provided by law.

RIGHT TO INFORMATION: To receive information on Diagnosis, Plan of Care, Prognosis, Medications, Progress during Hospitalization/treatment, post-discharge care, etc.

EXPLANATION ABOUT CARE: To be explained about proposed care including diagnostic tests performed, associated risks, alternatives, possible complications, any modification regarding the plan of care & expected results of treatment.

COST: To know the expected & revised cost of treatment

INFORMED CONSENT: To give informed consent before transfusion of Blood/ Blood products, Anesthesia, Surgery, initiation of any research protocol, Any invasive/high-risk procedure, etc.